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Between Commercial and Industrial

Quick Guide to the Difference Between a Commercial and Industrial Electrician

The label “commercial electrician” and “industrial electrician” often denote the same type of profession and are often mistaken to mean the same thing. Both are electricians, yes, but they are of very different specializations that work in different types of working environments. While both types of electricians possess almost the same electrical experience and knowledge, the functions and direct applications of their specific positions define both in a distinct manner.

Basically, their main difference is the type of worksite where they perform their work. Industrial electricians also require a longer and more comprehensive education compared to commercial electricians.

Industrial Electricians

This type of electrician has a higher level of expertise in the electrical field. This is due to a more comprehensive education that’s required to earn a license and the experience they have. These industrial electricians can obtain their knowledge and skills through attending a trade school, apprenticeship, or both. Passing their licensure examination is essential to become industrial electricians.

Industrial electricians primarily focus on an industrial setting and working on products. Installing and maintaining the electrical systems and components of manufacturing and production businesses, and other electrical services in an industrial setting are common jobs performed by industrial electricians.

Commercial Electricians

Just like their industrial counterpart, commercial electricians must get a degree, apprenticeship, and obtain a license to legally perform their work. The difference is that these professionals work in a commercial setting like business offices, restaurants, and other different areas that are accessible by the public. They make sure that the electrical systems and components of a commercial building functioning in an optimal and safe state.

Basically, these types of electricians ensure the maximum operational capability and safety of the power of the building, as well as but not limited to lighting, heating, and air conditioning.

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