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Tips Prepared by Your Local Electricians on How to Prepare for Storms Ahead of Time

How To Prepare For Storms Ahead Of Time

Although approaching storms can seem frightening, they don’t have to be! Here are some suggestions from your local electricians to help you prepare for a storm.

Invest in a Surge Protector

Your electronics are shielded from unexpected voltage spikes by a surge protector. But make sure the power strip you buy has surge protection and not just a power strip.

When there are voltage surges, power strips don’t have any built-in protection against breaking electrical equipment like TVs, computers, and stereos. Surge protectors have this capability, despite their relatively simple technology, which consists of adding a layer of insulation between the outlet and the device you’re plugging in (like an extension cord).

Batteries, Candles, and Flashlights

Stock up on candles, flashlights, and batteries. These items might be available locally, or you can order them quickly online from Amazon or another retailer. To keep their power output constant over time, batteries should always be stored in pairs or groups (for example, four AA batteries). Batteries are essential for powering your flashlight and phone during an outage.

They should also be kept cool, dry, and sealed in plastic containers when not in use. Candles are a great non-electric backup light source, and they’re crucial if you have young children who aren’t yet old enough to use flashlights safely. Flashlights are useful for navigating dimly lit rooms or hallways when there is a power outage. Check that yours has enough battery life before purchasing additional supplies.


Every year, maintain your generator! This includes maintaining your generator’s efficiency, but it’s also a good idea to have a professional service once a year. This will ensure that every component of the system is in good working order, not just the worn-out ones from years of use.

Knowing how frequently to service your generator is crucial because some tasks (like checking the oil level) can be completed without professional assistance while others do (like changing spark plugs).

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